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What’s Been Happening? / NEW Release

If you’ve been receiving my newsletter, you may know that my life has been in upheaval for the last year, which ended with my husband and me moving to Texas in February. I’m now unpacked, settled, and finally living a mere block and a half from my grandsons. (Sadly for you, that may mean more time away from my computer because my boys aren’t going to prefer playing with their Grammy more than their friends for too many more years. The oldest one, who’s 5 1/2, has already begun ditching me when his best buddy is around.)

During our move,  my alter-ego, L.L. Kellogg, has kept busy and has just released another red-hot novel, SIN CITY SEDUCTION, the third book in the Seduction series,  at Amazon. It’s available for the Kindle and in paperback for those of you who don’t have a reader or Kindle app. (By the way, for those of you who don’t know, Book 2, The Naughty Never Die, has been given a new title that’s more fitting to the Seduction Series CAPTIVE SEDUCTION.)

Remember Calder Pharmaceutical from HYPNOTIC SEDUCTION, Book 1? Well . . . Allison Miller, one of Calder’s employees, is supposed to get married in Las Vegas, but, when this ‘good girl’ arrives—eagerly anticipating her wedding night—her marriage plans fall completely apart, and Allison learns all about being naughty in Sin City.

Chivalry Isn’t Dead

Sin City Seduction Digital Smaller

Jilted architect, Josh Powell, may have sworn off love, but he’s still a virile man. When he recognizes a sexy woman from a Vegas adult entertainment ad, he wonders if a night with an attentive call girl might be the perfect remedy for his deflated ego and raging libido.

Eager to be married to her ultra-righteous fiancé and finally consummate their love, Allison Miller is stranded without a dime in Sin City. When a hunky stranger mistakes her for a hooker, she eventually convinces him she’s still a full-fledged virgin and not the woman in the pornographic ad. Nevertheless, after Josh’s kiss ignites her passion, Allison questions her feelings for the fiancé who abandoned her. Desperate for cash, she reluctantly accepts a job as Josh’s temporary assistant. All goes well until someone slips a new street drug into her drink. Suddenly, doing it is all she can think about.

The only way Josh can keep Allie safe from the Vegas perverts eager to take advantage of her uninhibited state, is to tend the damsel himself. Despite her frantic attempts at seduction, his chivalrous nature won’t let him claim her chastity— not while knowing his frozen heart will never be enough for the sweet girl who refuses to comply with Sin City’s unwritten rule: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Buy it at Amazon!

For those of you waiting for the next Laurie Kellogg Return to Redemption Series book, I’m sorry to tell you, you’ll have to wait a little longer. I’m busy working on a sequel to THE MEMORY OF YOU, starring Matt’s POW buddy, Ben Danvers, who returned home from Vietnam to discover his wife Julie had a child with his best friend.

Many of you have been asking for BJ (Ben) Elliott’s story, however, this new book THE WONDER OF YOU (also set in 1973) needs to be released first because it will feature the grandmother of BJ’s heroine as a secondary character. THE WONDER OF YOU will also be the Prequel for a spin-off series called BEYOND REDEMPTION, which will feature characters who have ties to the town of Redemption, either through family or friends.

By now, you’re probably wondering WHY on earth I named two characters in my Return to Redemption series BEN. Quite honestly, I have to chalk that up to a major author brain-fart. 🙂  So please forgive me if I’ve caused any confusion for you. If it helps, think of Ben Danvers as Ben and Ben Elliott as BJ.

As long life stays on an even keel, I plan to publish THE WONDER OF YOU by the end of this year—hopefully sooner. Laurie crossing her fingers. But after last year, I’ve learned how true the old saying is . . . When man makes plans, God simply laughs. Apparently, I’ve given Him a few belly-rolls in the last year.


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