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Love Under Construction

Love Under Construction 3D NewsletterI’ve just released a new boxed set of the two most recent stories in the Return to Redemption series–(BOOK 6) DON’T BREAK MY HEART and (BOOK 7) KISSING JESSIE, which will give you a price break (only $5.99 instead of $7.99) when you buy both books together in the set, instead of separately. These novels star two women, Trisha and Jessie, who fall for the hunky partners of a construction company, Justin and Mike–hence the set’s LOVE UNDER CONSTRUCTION  title.
Kissing Jessie Digital Blue SmallerDon't Break My Heart Digital Cover Smaller

You may notice (below)  Kissing Jessie has had a cover makeover. That’s because my son HATED the original cover and thought Mike looked like a vampire going in for a bite. 🙂  I also decided the hero and heroine became lost in the color of the construction background. Anyway, I love the book’s new cover. (I’m a sucker for the color blue. And the cover model on the boxed set is exactly how I imagine Jessie.


Coming Soon!

A Vietnam War era sequel to The Memory of You
and the prequel to my
new Beyond Redemption series

Pssst . . .  In case you’re wondering, 
Billionaire BJ Elliott will get his happy-ever-after 
in BOOK ONE of this new series

The Wonder of You Digital NEW

Her child’s happiness, or her own?
A choice no woman should have to make

Six years ago, Julie Danvers’ husband was declared missing in action. A single tipsy night of indiscretion left her pregnant, guilt-ridden, and still uncertain whether she’s a widow or a wife. When she learns the love of her life, Rick, is actually alive and coming home, she’s both overjoyed and terrified. Now she’ll be forced to choose between her war-ravaged husband—who may be unable to accept her daughter, a sticky-faced reminder of her infidelity—and her child’s father who wants to make them a real family.

The only thing that kept POW Rick Danvers—also known as Ben—sane during his hellish Hanoi Hilton vacation was the dream of holding his beautiful wife again. He eagerly returns home during Operation Homecoming to discover his entire world has changed. His country doesn’t respect him, he’s lost his parents, and his so-called best friend has already provided Julie the baby Rick ached to give her before Uncle Sam drafted him.

If that’s not bad enough, while Julie was burning her bra, his aging uncle came out of the closet and appointed her president of their family construction business—a position she has no intention of relinquishing. Ben’s now a visitor in his own home, forced to live with a bossy preschool princess who resents him and has hijacked his faithful dog’s affection. Nevertheless, the passion between Julie and Rick burns hotter than ever. He refuses to give up the woman he still loves—or his business—without putting up a damn good fight. He didn’t survive hell only to lose everything in the end.


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Return to Redemption series BOOK 5 COMING SOON!

A Heart Decision Digital Christmas Cover SmallerI find myself constantly apologizing for neglecting my blog, but I assure you I’ve been busy finishing the next story (BOOK 5)  in the Return to Redemption series, which I hope you’ll love as much as the others.


Readers have been asking which one of Tyler’s best friends his sister, Sabrina, will finally end up with. Luke or BJ (Ben)? Even she doesn’t know!

This Christmas she’s marrying one of them, and it’s really A HEART DECISION.

Come join all of Redemption for the wedding of the year!

On her wedding night, Sabrina will share the  bridal suite

with one of her brother’s best friends.

Which one?  She has no idea!

Sabrina Fitzpatrick helped plan her dream wedding last year—for her brother and his wife. Now, she wants her own Christmas Eve ceremony. She’s tired of waiting for commitment-phobe, Detective Luke Marino, to realize she’s been crazy about him since puberty. Consequently, when Luke’s billionaire friend asks her to marry him, she’s compelled to accept BJ Elliott’s proposal, especially after he suggests their impending marriage might induce his idiot pal to finally step forward. Unfortunately, a week later, adrenaline-junkie Luke risks his life again and ends up temporarily confined to a wheelchair.

 BJ would love to give Sabrina an unforgettable wedding night, but he fears she’ll never be happy with him if she doesn’t resolve her feelings for his buddy, first. Therefore, even knowing he could lose her, BJ persuades her to become Luke’s live-in nurse—offering her one last chance to convince the man she loves to take BJ’s place at the altar (which BJ doubts his friend will ever do). If nothing else, he hopes Love’em and Leave’em Luke can convince Sabrina he’ll make a lousy husband.

 Luke has two secrets not even his best friends know. The first is he aches for Sabrina with every fiber of his being. The second is he loves her enough to spare her the heartbreak that being his wife would undoubtedly entail. Much to Luke’s dismay, his resolve to resist his buddy’s fiancée is tested after Sabrina steps in as his nurse and starts prancing around in nothing but his threadbare T-shirt. If he surrenders to her seduction, it may destroy his relationship with BJ. And, worse still, if he gets a taste of loving Sabrina, how can he ever stand by and let her marry his friend?

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