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Happy New Year!

Every year about this time, I make a few resolutions for the coming year.  When I noticed the last time I posted to this blog was way back in May, I realized that needs to be my #2 resolution for 2017. Post to my BLOG more often.

What’s my #1 resolution? It’s the same one I make every year. Lose weight.

Considering how unsuccessful I’ve been at dropping the pounds in the past, I should probably quit setting that goal, however, if I stopped trying, I might find myself even heavier next January. I need a hip replacement, so I really can’t afford to put any weight on. I also don’t want to have the surgery without first shedding a few pounds  to lower my surgical risks. Therefore, I’m publicly committing to losing at least 30 pounds. (Maybe by posting my goal here, I’ll take my resolution more seriously.)

My #3 resolution is to write and release the story so many of my readers have been asking for–billionaire BJ Elliott’s happy-ever-after, preferably before my grandsons are home for the summer. The last two years have taught me I don’t get much written during June, July, and August when I’m playing with them.

If I tried to work on more than THREE resolutions this year, I suspect I’d lose focus, so I’ll leave it at three.  Although, if I were going to declare a fourth goal it would be to find more time to read.

the-wonder-of-you-smaller-boquet-camIf you subscribe to my newsletter, you probably already know I released my most recent book, The Wonder of You back in November, just in time for Thanksgiving. This novel is another returning Vietnam POW story–Book 2 in The Love of You family saga and a sequel to The Memory of You.  

The The Wonder of You is also the Prequel to a NEW spin-off series called Beyond Redemption. You’ll still get to visit with old friends from my previous Return to Redemption books in this new series, because it will star characters who aren’t actually from Redemption but who have friends or family who live there. I needed to release this book before writing BJ Elliott’s story because he falls for the daughter of two secondary characters in The Wonder of You.dont-break-my-heart-digital-new

As a treat to kick the New Year off for you, I’m giving away my book, Don’t Break My Heart, Book 6 in the Return to Redemption series, for FREE during the next few days. If you haven’t read it, here is your chance.

I wish you all the best in the coming year. Do you have any resolutions for 2017 to declare?




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