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Catching up on what’s new . . . A NEW Release

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Life was crazy during the holidays, however, I wasn’t idle. You may have noticed the covers for The Great Bedroom and No Exchanges, No Returns have had facelifts. If you haven’t seen their new look, here they are.

The GreatBedroomWar Cover Smaller       No Exchanges No Exchanges Alt SmallWhat else have I been doing?

I started writing my next Laurie Kellogg novel, which I hope to release this summer. Unfortunately, my alter ego, L.L. insisted she needed to publish Book Two in her Seduction series, first.  As always, L.L. went off half-cocked and took what should have been a basic romantic comedy and added a dark, edgy suspense subplot. We fought about this for months because I don’t write romantic suspense.

So once again, we ended up writing a fence-straddling novel with a foot in two different yards, so to speak.  She took me places I really didn’t want to go, creating several villains, one of whom is the nymphomaniac, Lily Parsons, who blackmailed Jordan Calder into giving her cousin, Nora, a job in his pharmaceutical lab in Hypnotic Seduction.  However, as I may have mentioned before, there’s no reasoning with L.L.  She’s a bit of flake.

So here I am today, announcing the release of L.L. Kellogg’s Book Two of the Seduction series, The Naughty Never Die.  Despite the edgy subplot, it’s still a Red-hot Romance that’s a Little Naughty and a Lot of Fun!

If only the good die young,
then New Jersey’s virtuous First Lady should be a cinch to kill
Unless . . . deep down she’s really quite naughty

The Beauty—She’s had enough of her goody-two-shoes life

The Naughty Never Die Book Cover SmallerSince her mother’s untimely death, Josephine Callahan has served as New Jersey’s First Lady. Acting as her father’s official hostess in the governor’s mansion is tantamount to living in a fishbowl, which makes S-E-X extremely difficult. On the brink of a nervous breakdown, frustrated Josie loses her usual good sense along with her cool and lets her assemblyman boyfriend talk her into a romantic Valentine getaway—a secret rendezvous she would never consider if she had a clue someone is trying to kill her.

The Beast—Beneath his scars lurks a hero

A deliberately twisted message—via the governor’s spiteful, assistant—misleads ex Special Forces officer DJ Ryder about the true objective of his freelance assignment. He’s told to, not only track down the governor’s classy daughter and hold her in protective custody, but to also teach her a lesson by letting her believe she’s been kidnapped. When Josie discovers the scarred, but still incredibly sexy badass has played her for a fool, she retaliates by feigning a raging case of Stockholm syndrome, teasing the brute until all he can think of is the ‘hold her’ part of his orders. How can Ryder concentrate on keeping Josie safe when he’s busy avoiding the danger she poses to his heart?

WARNING: L.L. Kellogg’s books are a little edgier and racier than Laurie Kellogg’s titles. However, if you like Red-hot Romance that’s a Little Naughty and a Lot of Fun, L.L.’s stories are probably for you!


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A Back to School Novel

Readers have been asking when my next book will be released.

GOOD NEWS! The Parent Pact is now available at Amazon for the Kindle and will also be released  in paperback in a few days. To all the moms in the world heaving a big sigh of relief that their children are finally back in school, this book is for you!

For the last ten years, I’ve been working part-time as a school crossing guard in order to support my writing habit. I like to tell people I work a corner for a living. 🙂

Anyway, The Parent Pact was inspired by my post in front of the school, where I watch parents dropping off and picking up their children. One day, I saw a hunky dad in a business suit bringing his adorable daughter to school, and it kicked off my usual question of WHAT IF that always fires my imagination and gives birth to a story.

This time, my supposition was, What if a workaholic man lost his wife during the summer, and he suddenly had to cope with getting his little girl ready for the first day of school all by himself. And I was off and plotting!

I’ve given this book a back-to-school,  introductory price of $2.99. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.


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A Little Scary

Ever since The Memory of You went back on sale (that status where people have to actually PAY to read my novel) it’s taken off like a ballistic missile on Amazon’s sales chart.

This morning, this was the Amazon Best Sellers Rank for the book:

  • #358 Paid in Kindle Store
  • #2 in Books > Literature & Fiction > Genre Fiction > War
  • #2 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Fiction > Genre Fiction > War
  • #31 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Fiction > Genre Fiction > Romance > Contemporary

When I called my hubby at work this morning and told him how many copies sold during the 8 hours we were asleep, he said, “Hell, if you’re making money while we sleep, I’m coming home and taking you back to bed!”

I have to admit, this is a bit scary. (Not the going back to bed part.)  But the fact that like a ballistic missile, what goes up eventually comes down. I’ve always been afraid of failing, which is a normal fear most people experience. However, as The Memory of You becomes more and more popular, I find I’m actually fearing success. I’m not sure how reasonable that is, but that inexplicable fear is probably what helped inspire my upcoming release.

A Little Bit of Déjà Vu, stars an ex-NFL quarterback/Dr. Phil wannabe whose son (who’s just earned a football scholarship) informs him he’s gotten his girlfriend pregnant.  The hero, Jake, credits this ‘accident’ to subconscious self-sabotage on his son’s part, and contends that when people are faced with possible success in life, their fear often compels them to screw up in order to avoid facing a new challenge.

What about you? Are you ever afraid of succeeding? Why do you think that is? Do you allow your fear of failure to hold you back?


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