Good and Bad News

I have GOOD news and BAD news!

The good news is, I’m giving away BABY, I’M BACKBook Two of my Return to Redemption series, for the next few days to apologize for the delay in releasing my upcoming novel, BAREFOOT BILLIONAIRE (BJ / Ben Elliott’s happy-ever-after), which I promised to finish by this fall—before I learned I was having hand surgery.

That’s only part of the BAD news! The other negatives are that I’ve, once again, failed to keep my New Years resolutions. Not only will my book not be released when I’d planned, I haven’t posted to my blog more frequently, either. I HAVE, however, dropped 10 lbs. (a pound a month, which is actually good for me, since I have a really stubborn, efficient metabolism.), still, it’s not the 30 I’d hopped to lose this year–and the holidays are coming.

As you can see, my left hand will be fairly useless for a few weeks, so my typing will be extremely curtailed. I still hope to have BJ/Ben’s story finished by the end of the year, although, it may not get released until after the holidays. (Fingers crossed–only on the right hand, of course.)

I CAN, however, share the preliminary cover design so you’ll know what to look for. Ta-Da! Here it is!

Yes, Ben will fall for a feisty, red-haired Texas spitfire, and things are going to get hot, hot, HOT!!!  In this story, you’ll also get to catch up with BJ’s pals, Tyler & Luke, and their wives, Annie & Sabrina, from THE PARENT PACT and A HEART DECISION, as well as Rick & Julie, Brian (Austin) & Nora, and Matt & Abby from my most recent release THE WONDER OF YOU.  If you haven’t read these books, yet, you might want to catch up while I’m finishing Barefoot Billionaire.

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