OOOPS! Big time!

I always say there’s no point in doing something stupid unless you can brag about it.

I’d like to apologize to all of my readers. Somehow the file with a rough draft of my new book got posted to No Exchanges, No Returns on Amazon yesterday . I uploaded the correct file there this afternoon. If you go to your Amazon account to Manage My Kindle, you should be able to update it to the correct story. Please accept my sincerest apologies. It was completely accidental. If anyone has any difficulty getting the correct book, please let me know.  If you happen to read the rough draft, please forgive all the typos and unedited story.

Thanks for your understanding.




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2 responses to “OOOPS! Big time!

  1. Hi Laurie!! I just ordered this book yesterday on the 20th and saw just today that it was the wrong book! LOL it seems where i live is a day before you (or a couple of hours XD)

    Anyways i first wrote to Amazon and then looked you up. And what do i find? This!!! 🙂 Thank god… ^o^ I thought something was weird when i tried to look for your 5th book on amazon and saw that it wasn’t even published yet!! O.O Lucky me!! The book was AWESOME!!! yay!!

    When i went back to look for the update button for the book as you said, i didnt find one… TT_TT Hopefully it will work tomorrow!!! I really want to read “No Exchange, No Returns” It sounds so good (and funny) with the reviews!!

    Cant wait!!

    • Stephanie, Amazon told me you need to delete the book from your Kindle (not from your Amazon account) and then download it back onto your Kindle from the Cloud. It should update it to the proper file. I’m so glad you enjoyed A Heart Decision. I’d love for you to leave a review for it on Amazon.

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