No Exchanges, No Returns Remedy

I just spoke to Amazon’s customer service department to get instructions on how to remedy the problem of replacing the wrong book with the right one in your copy of No Exchanges, No Returns. I was told that if you DELETE the book just from your DEVICE and then RE-DOWNLOAD it from the CLOUD (Don’t return or delete from your Kindle account and repurchase) you SHOULD get the right version of the book.  If you don’t, the representative recommended that you call Amazon’s customer service department, at 1-866-216-1072, and let one of the Kindle specialists help you. I’m sincerely sorry this happened, and I hope when it’s straightened out that you enjoy the book.

If you happened to read, A Heart Decision in the process, please keep in mind that what you received was a rough draft. Some of the dialogue is different in the final version, and the typos have been corrected. That version may also have a different epilogue, as the original one became chapter 17 and a new epilogue was written.

Thank you for understanding!


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