SOS! My Naughty Alter-Ego, LL Kellogg Has Taken Over!

Hypnotic Seduction has been released for the Kindle and in paperback at Amazon.

Today, I graciously threw my alter-ego a debut book launch party at the blog I share with my 2009 Golden Heart friends, The Ruby-slippered Sisters.  You would think L.L. would be grateful, wouldn’t you? But no-ooo. The upstart has taken over and is upstaging me.  She’s even had the audacity to make rude comments about how my husband likes her better than he does me.

Sure, it’s easy to be the popular one when you’re the fun-time gal. But who’s cooking him chicken soup when he’s sick and picking up after him all the time? She’s even trying to steal my friends by holding a random drawing for a free digital copy of Hypnotic Seduction. All you have to do is visit the Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood blog and leave a comment to enter.  While you’re there, tell the mutinous, ungrateful beeyotch to let me back out!



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8 responses to “SOS! My Naughty Alter-Ego, LL Kellogg Has Taken Over!

  1. Jamie

    I loved HS so much I started it on Sunday morning and couldn’t put it down, finished it by early Monday afternoon. Laurie I love your books so much. I’ll be honest I have read only 3, 2 were free downloads and one you sent me, but I love them. The characters are always so easy to enjoy and the stories are so well done. I feel like I want to live the lives of your characters. Thank you for taking me to such happy places.

  2. Lisa Evans

    Fell on love with the characters….Jordan was incredible fun to get to know. Will be looking for your other books. Thanks to you and Calgon for taking me away.

  3. Nanette

    Oh yeah I just finished Hypnotic seduction and was looking to see if Callie and Bryce’s story had been published. I just loved HS and was frustrated that work and life got in the way of my reading time. It was a great book for my new kindle and first download.

  4. Audra Shondel

    Are you going to write a story about Callie next??

    • I will be writing about Callie in the next year or so, Audra. Right now, I have several other books I’ll be busy releasing as Laurie Kellogg. If all goes well, my next L.L Kellogg book, The Naughty Never Die, should be out around the end of January. That book involves the governor’s assistant Lily and her cousin, who Jordan gave a job at Calder.

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